Through the darkness

After getting my daughter off to school last Monday with a smile on my face, I returned home, sunk into my couch...and cried. Feeling sad, alone, overwhelmed and angry. Thoughts swirling in my mind so fast I can't keep track of one before another pops up. I don't want to talk to anyone. I don't …

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“Honey, not everyone thinks like you”

It's another day after school that my daughter climbs into the car in a huff. She is visibly upset about something and by this point in the school year I have a feeling I know what it is. "People got mad at me in P.E. again" she exclaims with a pseudo sigh. She's come to …

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It’s okay to feel down

As a motivator on social media and amongst my friends, I usually choose to be outwardly positive on purpose. I don't like reading whiny, negative posts on Facebook when I'm scrolling my newsfeed so I certainly don't want to be "that person" to my followers. Even if I'm having a rough day or a tough …

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