My name is Brooke, and I’m a crazy cat lady…

Yup! That’s me! I have cat lady everything! Jewelry, shoes, totes, tattoos, t-shirts, the list goes on!! Am I crazy? Not really. I just LOOOOOOVE cats (and cat stuff)!!

Don’t be surprised to find me like this most days


I can rock a cat bag and I’m not ashamed! #cutestbagever


Meet my babies!! They actually have their own pages on my blog if you ever wanna check them out!


Merlin usually sits on me no matter where I go.

Merlin hiding

Sometimes he hides from the world…


Most of the time he workouts with me 🙂

Then there’s Vader…this guy is a whack job, but keeps me on my toes

i mean why

He likes to lounge in our bathroom

laundry basket

Or sometimes sleep in our basket of clean clothes, even half empty…


This is one of my all-time faves #princessvader

Who else is a CCL like me??? Sound off! Crazy cat ladies unite!! #reer #meow


2 thoughts on “My name is Brooke, and I’m a crazy cat lady…

    1. I’ve never met a crazy cat man! He might be the first I know of!! So you have 3 cats now? At one point I had 5 cats, one was a foster and found a forever home, but now we only have 2. My husband would be happy with no cats lol!


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