What a week!!!

Can you say “insanely nonstop busy” ten times fast? That was me all week! Phew, I made it to the weekend!! Where’s my medal?! 


Sad to say the only thing that suffered was my sleep and nutrition. Only? Yeah, I guess that’s a lot. I’m a stress eater. But I’m also a huge proponent of exercise as a stress reducer. I got a workout in every day this week, whether it was a run or crosstraining. What I need to be better about is my nutrition so I’m gearing up for a nutrition cleanup next week! 

If you wanna join us, comment your email below and I’ll sign you up! Totally FREE!! I know I need it and I love doing tuneups with other people. Keeps me accountable and motivated!! 

Hope you had a great week!  

~Funny Face Flex Friday~


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