The 3-Day Refresh – Day 1

If you’ve ever wanted to cleanse your body without starving yourself or by only drinking lemon water (gahhhh), then check out my daily review as I complete the 3-Day Refresh from Beachbody.

Today was Day 1. Monday is a great day to start this refresher in my opinion because it’s the day after a weekend. But you can do it any three days in a row you want to I guess. The first thing you’re supposed to do when you wake up is drink 6-8 oz of water. This is to jumpstart your metabolism for the day and get your body going. I love this idea and I’ve heard it many times before, I just need to keep doing it day after day after day.

Within an hour of waking up I drank my Shakeology and added half a banana to it. The fruit portion is smaller than I’m used to (I usually do a whole banana), but it’s still the best way to start my day 🙂 Then I actually laid back down for another quick hour of rest because I didn’t sleep well and I’m on the verge of a cold or something.

When I got up, I got ready to do my workout and drank my 8oz fiber sweep drink that comes with the Refresh. It’s really not that bad. It has a lemony taste to it. The trick is to mix it with 4oz of water and stir fast, gulp it down, and then chase it with another 4-6oz of water. Works every time! Then I headed out the door for an easy 2 mile jog and walk with my dog, Oakley!!


You actually are supposed to do light to moderate exercise on this cleanse program. It’s encouraged. Another reason why I love it!

Lunch was a protein packed vanilla shake with 20g protein and I added half a banana as my fruit serving (I love bananas can you tell?). I also got to eat a veggie and healthy fat combo. I love spinach because it’s easy on the stomach and so I cooked my 2 cups of spinach in olive oil to go with my shake. What kills me is that 2 cups of spinach goes from looking like this…

2 cups raw spinach

…to this…

2 cups cooked spinach

WHERE DID MY LUNCH GO???? Seriously, I watched it shrink before my very eyes. It was very sad. Nevertheless, I had drank about half a gallon of water thus far in the day so I was well on my way to hitting that goal of drinking 128 oz each day.

After while it was afternoon snack time so I got out my baby carrots and natural almond butter for my snack. Kept drinking my water, too. It’s around this time of day that I usually start feeling super hungry anyway, so I tried to focus on the water intake and staying busy with my errands, helping with homework after school, and other stuff. I had a cup of green tea late afternoon, which was great for helping me feel full and was something to drink other than water 🙂

Around dinner time I had started to develop a slight headache, but I always expect this when I’m cleansing. My body is detoxifying and it’s used to more food and a little caffeine (I now do half caff coffee instead of full caff). I just took some Advil and got dinner ready.

In addition to another vanilla shake with all my protein in it, I fixed myself this amazing salad with spinach, tomato, peppers, cucumber and raw sunflower seeds. Using lemon juice and olive oil for dressing, it’s definitely a big salad and one of my faves!

Refresh Salad

In about an hour or so I’ll enjoy a hot cup of green tea again and likely I’ll go to bed early. When your body is cleansing itself of toxins, it needs rest, too. I don’t mind going to bed early at all. I have about a quarter of my gallon jug of water to go so time to drink up!!!

I started the day at 164.4 pounds and measured my waist, hips, and abs totalling 108 inches. I can’t wait to see where I’m at on Thursday morning!! Be sure to come back and read my post about how Day 2 goes tomorrow!

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