3-Day Refresh – Day 2

Okay so today I woke up feeling like my head was foggy. I drank my water and went to pee (by the way I probably peed like 4 times in the middle of the night because of all the water I drank yesterday). I know I shouldn’t have, but I caved and had a cup of coffee. Decaf. But I felt like I just needed to “trick” my brain into thinking it was getting caffeine, you know?? Like the placebo effect with coffee…

If you know anything about me and my eating habits (which clearly you probably don’t), then you’ll know that I tend to eat the same things over and over. I get hooked on certain meals and continue to want them for a period of time and then I get sick of them so I’ll latch on to something else for awhile. Well as it turns out, eating close to the same thing during the 3-Day Refresh is just a no brainer for me.

So for breakfast I picked Strawberry Shakeology (okay at least it was a different flavor) and had half a banana with it as my fruit option. Downed the fiber sweep later in the morning LIKE A BOSS. I’ve got this 4 oz thing with a 4 oz chaser down pat! I’m telling you it’s the best trick I ever learned (thank you, Kim Hardin). Lunch came around and guess what I ate? Yup. 2 cups of cooked spinach. Gosh you’re good. Also pounded the sweetness of the Vanilla Fresh shake with – what else – half a banana.

I usually think about taking pictures after the fact. Of course taking a picture of a shake is just about as boring as the packet itself…so here’s the picture of the Vanilla Fresh packet in case you’re interested LOL

Vanilla Fresh Shake

Snack-wise today instead of carrots and almond butter, I chose yellow peppers and almond butter. I know the switch practically blows your mind, right? Like, WOW!

I split up dinner and not sure whether I should have, but I did. I was starving before my workout so I drank my Vanilla Fresh (sans fruit) and then I ate my salad after my workout. Yes, I ate the same salad as the night before, but at least I chopped it up a little to make it LOOK different. See?

Salad Day 2 Refresh

I used green peppers instead of orange. Yeehaw!

And that, my friends is a wrap on Day 2. Pretty uninteresting. I did the 21 Day Fix Pilates workout tonight and it was great. Nothing incredibly taxing on my body, I got a good sweat in and no jumping or crazy stuff that I probably wouldn’t have the energy for. Tomorrow I’m planning on running an easy 2 miles again. I love that you’re encouraged to do something light to moderate on this thing. I go nuts when I can’t workout. Hence why I hate being injured so much!

I wanted to leave you with this tonight…


No matter where you are in your health and fitness journey, just remember it’s exactly what it is…a journey. No two journeys are the same. Mine is completely different than yours and that’s okay. Your body is different than your best friend’s body who lost 10 pounds in 6 weeks. It might take your body 12 weeks to lose 10 pounds. Who cares? Just keep going.

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