3-Day Refresh – Day 3

Gosh I started out so great today. Down 3 pounds, drank my water first thing, stomach was rumbling 10 minutes later. That’s a great thing by the way. Gets your system ready to eat and metabolism is up and running! Made my Shakeology with half a banana as usual. Went for a 1.5 mile run that didn’t feel that great, but I kinda thought it was because I’ve just been cleansing.

Anyway, then the panic of “I’m leaving tomorrow for 4 days and I haven’t packed, I haven’t done this, I haven’t done that” sets in. You name it, I thought of it. I freaked.

I have anxiety, people. I’ve cut down my medication by more than half before I started drinking Shakeology every day and exercising regularly. But it’s still very much a part of who I am. I still battle moments of panic and never know when they’re going to arise. This was one of those moments. 

So all my intentions of the day went out as soon as I said to myself, “oh, shit, how am I gonna get all this done?” My errands, last minute things to do and take care of, left me rushing around and not home past morning. After my fiber sweep, I didn’t have my shakes or make the dinner. I caved to stress and what was easy the day before I flew across the country. 

So there you have my day 3. In all its glory. I still plan on measuring tomorrow morning when I wake up. I’m sure the results aren’t gonna be all that great as they would have been, but oh well. 

Next time I need to plan better, damnit. I wasn’t thinking about traveling when I started Monday. How was I not? I don’t know. My brain doesn’t work sometimes. Haha. I just knew I needed a refresh and these three days were perfect in my mind. I guess I forgot about the stress of leaving town. 

Tonight as I was putting Peyton to sleep she was crying and telling me she didn’t want me to leave. It was so heartbreaking. I hate to see my baby upset. I’m glad we spent the afternoon together after school and I had a glass of wine in the backyard as I helped her with her backwalkovers for tumbling class. Those are memories I’ll have forever. Waking up tomorrow and weighing one more pound than I wanted to means nothing compared to that. 


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