Super Bowl Furbaby Workout

Wanna have some fun with your furry friends tonight during the Super Bowl? Then check out these pet-friendly exercises you can do when your favorite team scores! Or perhaps when there’s a timeout called. You might be doing a lot of lunges with your pet if your team gets a lot of penalty yards, for example. At least you’ll be having fun, though!

Tag your pics on social media with the hashtag #thecrazycatladycoach

I wanna see how you do!


Each time the Broncos score – 5 furbaby overhead squats

Each time the Panthers score – 5 pushups kissing furbaby below you

Each time there is a timeout – wall sit with your furbaby for 1 minute

Each time there is a 1st down – toe touch situps with your furbaby in hand

Any field goal score – 10 furbaby pushpresses

Interception – 10 furbaby deadlifts

For each flag thrown – 5 furbaby lunges (alternate sides w/ea flag)


HAVE FUN! Hope your team wins!



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