Just Freaking Do It

“I’ll start next month.”

“I can’t find time.”

“I don’t want to fail.”

How many of you have said one or more of these things to yourselves when faced with getting started on the right track with your health and fitness? I hear it all the time and I totally get it because I once said the same things. Here’s the reality:

There is NEVER a perfect time to start. You can ALWAYS find time if you make time. You WILL likely fail or make mistakes along the way, but that is exactly how you GROW and get stronger.

One other thing about these statements that you may say to yourself – this type of negative self-talk all stems from self-doubt and fear. The key is working on catching yourself saying these types of things and replacing with the word “STOP.” Literally telling yourself “STOP” when you catch your negative self-talk will help nip this nasty habit in the butt.

You DESERVE to feel good about yourself. You get one body, one chance at life, but you have a TON of choices.


Just freaking START. I want to work with you and get you going! I have 2 challenge groups this month so apply HERE and let me help you get started on this journey. One group starts Monday, March 7th. The next group starts Monday, March 22nd and I’ll be doing Tony Horton’s new 22 Minute Hard Corps workout if you wanna join me!!

Stop saying tomorrow because there may not be a tomorrow. Cliche, but incredibly true. Don’t give up on yourself. Love yourself enough to change.


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