I prefer the term “Neapolitan”

I’ve had people ask me how I am a Beachbody Coach when I do Cross Fit workouts. My answer is quite simple: because I am.

I mean, why not? Why do the two have to be separate? Why should I only be allowed to do one or the other? That’s like telling me I can either choose chocolate or vanilla. Everybody likes swirl, right? Combos are awesome! Hey, let’s throw in a third flavor while we’re at it! Ever hear of that thing called running? That’s me, too! I’m also a big runner! I know right?


Okay, clearly I’m dramatizing this a bit, but I do often wonder why I get questions like this. In fact, I’m a huge proponent of variety. It keeps your body guessing. Going to the gym and hopping on an elliptical machine for 45 minutes every day will not change your body. It just won’t. [You don’t need to prove it to me, either, because my own body is proof, but that’s for another blog post]. What will change your body is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training, strength training, and cardio training combined. In my opinion, of course. Those are the 3 flavors, baby and I lick them all!


So here’s the deal, I am mainly a runner. I do 3-5 half marathons every year and I’ve averaged 1 marathon per year the last 3 years. It’s not the most miles of my running peers per year, but it’s not the least amount either. Running is somewhat my focus, but I really see it as my platform for other fitness challenges. Take away running from me and I’ll go crazy. I’ve met the most amazing people through running, particularly supporters of Meg Cross Menzies, a friend who was tragically killed during her morning run by a drunk driver in January of 2014. You can read more about her story here, but this selfless group of people has kept me going when the running times get tough for sure!

It was through running that I was introduced to Beachbody workouts. And it was a Beachbody workout which was HIIT designed that increased my speed on the road, and helped to change my body. Check out my transformation below. Over the years I have learned how much cross-training affects my running – it has kept my injuries to a minimum, helped maintain core strength and built muscle in my legs – all of which play a role in my races.

image1 (2)

But you don’t have to run to use Beachbody workouts. Anyone can workout from home and change his/her body with the guidance of a workout schedule, nutrition guide, accountability from a coach like me, and support from a challenge group. Anyone. And clearly I want to pay this information forward to help others on their weight loss journey, as this was a huge reason why I became a coach. There is always something new and fresh coming out and I have yet to get bored.

Enter Master’s Hammer & Chisel in January 2016. This amazing program gave me the confidence I needed in the weight room that I hadn’t had before. I felt stronger and was getting results. So when it came time for my husband to enter the Cross Fit Open this year, I told him, “I want to do it this year.” I was ready. As scared as I was, I felt prepared to do the scaled version and let me tell you that I was. I think a lot of people were surprised by how well I did, including myself. Had I been going to a Cross Fit box and working out 5 times a week? Nope. I’d been working out in my garage with Hammer & Chisel.



Oh and I was still running!! In fact 2 of the 5 weeks I did the Cross Fit workout I had run a half-marathon the day before. I know for a fact my body would never have been able to withstand all of this without my daily dose of dense nutrition (Shakeology) and the Performance Line supplements Energize and Recovery – to help give me more energy during my workouts and also help my muscle recover afterward.

So the bottom line is this: I’m a Neapolitan. I’m a runner who uses Beachbody workouts to cross-train with Shakeology as my daily mindless amazing nutrition and with Energize & Recovery to help me push through workouts harder and recover from them faster. I also find Cross Fit, triathlon training or marathon/ultra training to be in the picture at any given time. A tri and an ultra are on my bucket list. It’s a matter of fitting them into my schedule.


To anyone who thinks that you can’t be an advocate for multiple fitness outlets or genres is likely just not experienced or educated enough in the fitness industry. I’m not saying I’m an expert. But I am a real person who shares her experiences in hopes of changing lives for the better. I am a believer that you can wear many hats in this industry, but only a select group of people will tell you that and those are the people who have your true interest at heart. What works for one person may not work for another. However, the elliptical machine won’t work for anyone.

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