If at first you don’t succeed…


You can do anything. No matter how old you are. No matter how much experience you have. No matter who says you can’t do it!

This is my first Granite Games workout. I decided to do the ASRx in my division (Masters 35-39) instead of the scaled version (like I did in the CrossFit Open). What does this mean exactly? It means heavier weights, basically.

First workout is 15 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of: Ladder – 10 reps clean/squat/jerk at 85# followed by 15 burpees over the bar; 8 reps at 115# followed by 15 burpees over the bar; then 6/4/2 reps at heavier weights, but to be honest I knew I wasn’t going to get past 115#, if at all.

I did 85# and 15 burpees in about 5 minutes. I had 10 minutes left to do as many as I could at 115#. I have never maxed out doing a jerk overhead so I had no idea what this was going to feel like.

It was beyond heavy. It took me by total surprise at first. My clean form is horrid. My wrists were killing me. If I can get better technically at these types of lifts, I’m sure I will save energy over the long run. But that’s for another time. I was focusing on doing anything to get this damn weight over my head for one rep. Just ONE.

Jim was coaching me and motivating me, although to be honest at one point in our conversation even he doubted my ability to get this. As did I. But I said I wanted one more try – and they said the third times the charm.

Check out the video here!

I FREAKING DID IT! 115# over my head. As ugly as it was, it felt amazing. I’m so glad I kept going and didn’t give up. Sometimes you’re just within reach. Imagine if I had said to myself, “I’m just not strong enough.” Actually, I was thinking that 😉 But I had to give it one last shot!

So with that, my week 1 Granite Games workout officially ended with a score of 26. Freakin’ fantastic in my book! ‪#‎BAM‬ ‪#‎fistbumpnation‬

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