Want A Piece of Millions For Working Out?

health bet

Sounds too good to be true, right? I know. But it’s not. It’s Beachbody’s Health Bet and you can win part of a $1.25 – $3 million dollar pot for participating.

What is the Health Bet exactly?

It’s simple. You will log 3 workouts and 5 Shakeology drinks for 4 weeks. It starts Monday, September 5th and runs until Sunday, October 2nd. As long as you log everything you’re supposed to, you could win your portion of the pot. It may be $20. It may be $200. I have no idea. It will all be dependent on how many people take the Health Bet and how much money the pot will end up being worth!

How Do I Register?

So do you want to bet on YOU? Do you want to bet that you can make some major changes in your health and fitness in 4 weeks and win money for doing so? Beachbody will be paying you to workout and drink Shakeology. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join me! No matter where you’re starting from, I’ll help you stay on track! Email me at brooke.roney@gmail.com with Health Bet in the subject line to get registered!

I also explain more about the Health Bet in this video! Check it out! Share with your friends! The more that can join us the better!



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