Stay Motivated This Holiday Season!

  It's hard for me to look past Thanksgiving this week, but before you know it, all the turkey and stuffing will be gone...and we will look in the mirror next Monday morning and be like "Ah hell!" Thoughts of "why didn't I workout more this week" or "I gotta get my butt in gear …

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Sunday Gratitude

Life has been crazy of late. I've been basically trying to keep my head on straight, especially since after my knee surgery on Tuesday. I am pretty much at my husband's mercy. Or my mom's. If I want to go anywhere at least. Honestly, I can be seen on the couch most of the day, …

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When the darkness closes in

Have you ever felt like you're being buried alive? Your heart is beating 1,000 mph, you're visibly sweating and shaking; you feel like you're about to vomit and you're doing everything you can to hold it inside; your vision starts to get cloudy and everything darkens around you so you can't see the light anymore; …

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