Sunday Gratitude

Life has been crazy of late. I’ve been basically trying to keep my head on straight, especially since after my knee surgery on Tuesday. I am pretty much at my husband’s mercy. Or my mom’s. If I want to go anywhere at least. Honestly, I can be seen on the couch most of the day, or the floor doing my exercises.

This surgery is teaching me a lot. Like patience. Relying on others and relinquishing independence (read “control”). Slowing down. Because it’s so freaking HARD for me to just sit on the damn couch all day. Merlin isn’t amused either.


In all my time spent thinking lately, nothing stands out to me more than the amazing network of friends and family I have. Which has left me nothing short of grateful. There is no way I would have survived the last week without any of my people…

Before my surgery, my friend Jenny graciously offered to organize a meal sign-up to help us out a few nights a week since I can’t exactly drive to the store last minute or stand in the kitchen cooking much. A huge thank you to friends Nan & Brian and Raquel & Jeff for providing us meals last week. Our friends Sandeep & Sangeeta, Jen & Bo, Lesli & Joe, Terri & Chris, and Cristy & Chris have signed up to bring us meals after Thanksgiving break. Guys, you have no idea how much this means to us!!

My brother and his family sent me flowers. My amazing friend Suzi sent me two gifts, one that meant the world to me because of its connection to her first half-marathon in Richmond and #megsmiles. Our neighbors Pam & Dave sent a card and ran a few errands to help my mom and I out. My friend Terri dropped by with a care package that included cookies, lotions, reeses’s pb cups, chocolate, & literally the most purrrfect card ever made for a crazy cat lady who just had knee surgery. Check it out:


My thoughtful friend Jen sent us like 2 dozen freshly baked, warm cookies from Tiff’s Treats, which I’d never had before and all I have to say is WOW. Jim’s co-workers Erica, Laura & Mindi sent an adorably drawn get-well card home with him on Thursday. My friend and rockstar challenger Judi sent me a huge hug via a sweet card. Our family friend and Peyton’s 3rd grandmother Steph sent a Harry & David gift basket.

My friend Raquel dropped off a ginormous care package full of dried fruit, nuts, lotions, magazines, chappy and more. Then I get more #megsmiles friends sending me gifts and my heart just swells. Donna sent me a blue #megsmiles bracelet from the race weekend and a shoe charm that says “believe” to put on my running shoes. Jenny sent me a crazy cat lady coffee mug and stuffed cat, in addition to gum and chocolate!


I mean, these people are AMAZING! Their kindness has kept me smiling when I was down and given me a little boost when I needed it. Not to mention all the texts and messages I have gotten from friends – too many to even count!

My mom and husband take the cake for hustling for me, though. I had to spend the night in the hospital the day of my surgery because of blood pressure complications. My dad was out of town on business so it was my mom taking Peyton home with her solo. When Peyton starts throwing up at midnight, it was my mom putting her in the shower to clean her hair (she had to get in fully clothed with shoes on, mind you), throw sheets in the laundry, and clean the carpet. She had to cut a chunk of Peyton’s hair, too. She BUCKED UP big time that night. Since then, she has stayed with me when Jim has been at work, picked up Peyton from school, made me lunch, gotten me ice, and even braved Starbucks for me. She is a saint and I cannot thank her enough. My mom may have everyone thinking she’s fragile, but she steps up when she needs to. I wish she believed in herself like I do.

Jim obviously has taken the brunt of my situation. Sleeping in the hospital with me, getting up every few hours to help me out of my CPM machine so I can pee (it’s like we have a newborn again), filling and re-filling my ice machine, fetching ice packs at night, cooking and cleaning constantly, doing the cat litter multiple times a day, keeping Peyton occupied…the list goes on and on. I know it’s been hard on him and I know he’s exhausted, but he rarely complains. I love him so much for taking care of me and being there for me. He’s been my rock for sure.

Peyton has been adjusting to her mom needing more attention and being unable to do the usual things we do together, mostly because I’m tied to a machine of some sort on the couch. She drew me the best get-well-soon card, though. It’s a spitting image of me, don’t you think?


So today I am nothing short of grateful. For so much love that has been shown to me and my family. I am so thankful to everyone. I cannot express enough how much you mean to me. I promise to pay it forward.

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