Doing more of what makes you happy

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Career development is not something I have ever considered to be my forte. I majored in Psychology and went on to get my Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology. It’s not like I could come out of school and go right into a specific job title like you can if you study accounting or marketing in college. Options are somewhat endless for someone with my degree. I’m 38 and I still don’t have a so-called “career.”

The one thing all my past jobs have had in common is they seem to be service-oriented. Whether I’m teaching college, high school, or youth kids to play soccer, or helping clients when they’re out of town by taking care of their pets, or providing support and motivation to others on their health & fitness journeys. These professions all have “helping others,” “serving others,” “advising” or “teaching” in their descriptions. Which makes me the type of person who has a passion for giving – whether it is of my time, my knowledge, my energy, or my heart.

So at least I figured some shit out before I turn 40!

But starting a new career at my age is hard to do. Which is why I’ve sort of gone the entrepreneurial route lately, and I’m continuing to align myself with projects that – at their core – serve others.

Not that I’m ready to divulge anything specific in this blog post, but I am excited about some opportunities that I am working on so that I can continue to make a difference. Giving to others is what makes me feel good about myself. It fills my cup. It is undoubtedly my passion. If what I’m doing doesn’t make me happy, I won’t continue pursuing it. The same goes for people in my life. If relationships I have begin to change and become more toxic than they are healing and helpful, I will move on. I want to align myself with those who share my same core beliefs.

How are you supposed to figure out what your own core beliefs are? My best answer: trial and error. Oh, and time. Because as you get older, you have more experiences to draw on, thus your core beliefs can absolutely change over time. So what are my core values? What do I truly believe matters in life?

  • Balance
  • Family
  • Health & Fitness
  • Service
  • Role modeling


You’ll hear me tell my clients over and over again that as long as you eat it in moderation, you’ll come out ahead. Pick a protein, a veggie, a healthy fat, fruit & carb – just a little of everything. It’s all about balance. It’s the same with juggling Peyton and all her interests. She loves soccer, lacrosse, piano and tumbling. But she’s tried swimming, basketball and softball. We’re letting her do many activities, not just pigeonholing her into one. Striking that balance is key. Nobody said finding balance is easy. Juggling mom life with responsibilities, volunteering, and recreational time is ridiculously hard. But always working toward balance is important to me.


Because at the end of the day, who else can you totally rely on? My husband is my rock, my stabilizer. My daughter is my light, my sunshine. My mom will always listen. My dad makes me feel safe. My brother keeps me laughing. My sister-in-law inspires me. These are my people. Oh, and I can’t forget a few friends who are practically family – that I literally could not live without. Because family is so important to me, I want to surround myself with people who value family as well.


We only get one body. So if we don’t take care of it, it will fail us. We can either pay the price now or pay it later. I would personally rather use my money now to eat organic, clean foods, to pay for a gym membership, fitness equipment/dvds, Shakeology and supplements so that I can live longer. Not only live longer, but live healthier longer. I want to be able to run around and play with my grandkids. I don’t want to be sick and in a nursing home with failing health in my 70’s. It’s a choice. I firmly believe in leading a healthy lifestyle. Being around others who want to push themselves to be better pushes me, too. It’s a win-win.


What I love the most about coaching is watching someone completely transform themselves from the inside out. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about gaining confidence. I would do anything to help someone achieve their goals. I love the feeling I get when give myself to others. Whether it’s the smile on a child’s face at our school fundraising carnival that I helped develop, or a shelter cat’s purr that I hear when I take time to give my love to them. Offering inspiration and hope to others drives me. I think often about how I want to be remembered after I die. I’d rather have people remember me for how I made them feel or what I did for them as opposed to being rememberd for building the largest business or income.


As a parent, I am in constant role model mode. As a fitness coach, I am looked to for answers and motivation. As a woman who is recently sober, I am asked for help from other moms looking to quit drinking. As a runner dealing with injury, people look to me to see that I’m not giving up. I learned the most from my role models growing up and I take being a role model very seriously. If you think about it, everyone is a role model to somebody. Your story is uniquely yours, but hundreds, if not thousands of others, are going through or have gone through a similar situation. It’s important to recognize your role as someone else’s model.

So the whole point of this post was to help you recognize three things. The first is that no matter what age you are, you’re probably always going to be figuring out what you want to do “when you grow up.” Secondly, in trying to figure that out, be sure to do what makes you happy. Do more of what you have a passion for as opposed to what you think you “should” be doing. Finally, by constantly aligning yourself & your activities & your passions with people, jobs, and things that share your core beliefs or values, you honestly cannot go wrong.

You will keep knocking down doors – some will slam back in your face, others will remain open – but if you keep fighting for your passion, for what makes you happy, you will eventually look back and realize that it’s not about getting to that final destination. It’s all about the journey.

And then you figure out that you have won.

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