You wanna do what?

headshot.pngTraditionally, I’m a straight and narrow girl. I am a rule follower. I am a firstborn, so of course I’m Type A. I don’t like to ruffle feathers or rock the boat. I don’t like it when my friends or family are upset at me. I don’t take risks. I am afraid of failure.

God, I’m boring.

So naturally when it was first casually suggested to me that I write a book, I pretty much laughed (more like hee-hawed) at this person behind my screen on Facebook and completely dismissed the idea. What in the world would I write about? ME? Who the hell would want to read a book about my life? I’m certainly nobody special, nobody famous, nobody that anybody would care to learn about.

But after my friend made that initial suggestion, he hinted at it again weeks later. Then someone else asked me if I’d ever thought about writing a book. “Who are you people?” I thought to myself. What on earth makes you think I could do something like publish a book? I don’t know the first thing about how to do that. Besides, I’m the girl who’s afraid to fail. Certainly I would fail at book writing.

Truth is, though, I love to write. I am more comfortable writing than I am speaking. It all makes sense in my head until I try to talk and explain myself. Nothing eloquent ever comes out of my mouth. I always trip over my words, forget what I want to say, stumble and stammer out explanations or instructions. Speaking in front of people gives me huge anxiety. Even kids.

I wrote out and planned soccer practices, even for my daughter’s U6-U8 teams. I plot coaching points to make sure I touch on the entire aspect of the topic we’re learning. You’d think it would be second nature to me to explain a game to girls I grew up playing and have numerous accolades for. Think again. My anxiety plays a role, but so does the fact that much of what I want to say I cannot articulate correctly. Cat got my tongue? [random cat reference noted]

But when I turn to paper, it all comes out a helluva lot better. It makes sense. It flows from my brain right to the screen. Jumbled and not always in order, but what I want to say doesn’t get lost in translation.

“Maybe I actually could write a book,” I thought to myself.


I have no clue how to start. I’ve begun initial research into publishing. I’ve talked with a few people. I have ideas on what I want to write about. I love getting feedback from my friends and followers when I write on Facebook. Please continue sharing with me what you enjoy reading from my posts.

So yeah, I’m gonna go for it. No freaking clue how it’s going to turn out, but I am pretty excited about it. If you know anybody in the publishing industry, know anything about writing a book, or have any ideas you’d like to share with me, I’m all ears. Email me at

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Photo cred: Erin Cox


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