“Honey, not everyone thinks like you”

It’s another day after school that my daughter climbs into the car in a huff. She is visibly upset about something and by this point in the school year I have a feeling I know what it is.

“People got mad at me in P.E. again” she exclaims with a pseudo sigh. She’s come to expect it now – much like I expect her exasperated tone when it comes to this topic. I can’t tell you how many times she’s voiced her frustrations to me about P.E. class. If you were to survey 100 elementary school kids what their favorite subject was in school, I would guess that 75-90% of them would reply with P.E. or recess (even though recess isn’t actually a subject). Hands down my daughter is one of the 90% – she LOVES P.E. class. She’s an active kid and loves all sports. She plays soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and she tumbles. She would rather be outside playing than inside on an iPad or playing dress-up.

But the reality is that not all kids are like her. There are a lot of girls who hate P.E. They don’t like to sweat. They don’t like to move. They would much rather stand around and talk to each other. When the ball comes their way, they dodge it or get duck out of the way. Many times they ignore it and don’t even try. And when my daughter says to them, “Hey, can you please stop talking and play?” – she says they just get upset at her.

Try explaining those kids’ point of view to a 9 year-old competitive girl. It’s like trying to explain why the world is round to a rock.

To be honest, it’s unsettling to me as well. Fitness and health have always been a part of my life. Knowing the obesity rates in children in this country are at an all time high frustrates me and angers me. We are doing children nothing but a disservice by cutting physical education programs in schools. We are effectively telling them that physical activity and movement DOES NOT MATTER. What the hell kind of message is that?

When this generation of kids graduate, become adults and have children of their own, will they be proponents of exercise and health? I don’t even need to answer this question for you.

Quite frankly, the quality of instruction across the board is not as high as it should be. Effective teachers are able to excite all kids to move and play so that there aren’t as many standing around and talking. Budget cuts give physical education programs less money to spend on quality instructors and equipment, which is only making the situation worse. I once saw my daughter’s PE teacher sitting on a chair in the gym on his phone while there were 20 kids on each side of a volleyball net. Tell me how that’s effective teaching?

Sadly, for children such as my daughter who love sports, love to compete and run and play, not much can be done except from us moms. We are left with the frustrations and tears in the car after school. We are left with explaining to our daughters that not everyone likes the same activities and we need to be respectful of others’ opinions. We need to be encouraging to those friends in class instead of frustrated with them. We need to try to let things go sometimes. We can’t control anything but our own actions and words, so we must focus on doing the best we can. These are the lessons we can teach our daughters if we take the opportunity to do so. Because in reality, not everyone thinks like us.

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3 thoughts on ““Honey, not everyone thinks like you”

  1. Amy Vaughan

    When I grew up Arnold Schwarzennager (sp?) was in charge of the National Presidential Physical Fitness Testing Program. We got patches every year and it was a big deal. Everyone was required to participate. It is still around, let’s go old school and find out where the femaie athletes are who are promoting this. I think it is still around. Let’s put the MOVEMENT in the movement!

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  2. Kristin

    I am a very athletic and competitive woman, teaching kickboxing, dance, and Body Pump at several gyms. But I HATED PE as a girl. I was super self conscious about my size and weight. I hated (and still) hate to run. As strong as I am, I probably still can’t do a pull up. That presidential award was one I felt was unattainable. And as a competitive person, that feeling was awful. I agree that young people need activity and movement. I would hope that today, we could do better and providing a variety of activities so that young people can find something they like, that makes them feel successful. I tell many of the parents that are in my classes, help your kids learn that exercise is fun. Help them find something physical that they actually enjoy and you will help them be healthier in the long run. I’m so thankful I found group fitness classes, because I would be much grouchier without them! I wish I had been able to find more opportunities like Zumba kids, Les Mills programs targeted to young people, etc.

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    1. CrossFit Kids is a great program based on games and athletic movements! It’s interesting to hear your thoughts on this, especially as a young girl and how you remembered PE class. Love that you were able to find a fitness outlet for yourself as you became an adult. That doesn’t happen for everyone as you know. Thanks for your perspective!


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