Me in a nutshell. A small nutshell.

My  name is Brooke & I currently live in Dallas, TX which is where I grew up playing soccer and volleyball. I was recruited to play soccer at the University of Richmond where I had an amazing experience and career as an All-American and Academic All-American. After graduating with a degree in Psychology, I went on to the University of Virginia to get my Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Since then, I have coached soccer at the college, high school and youth levels. After my daughter was born in 2008, I became a pet nanny, which gave me my fix for furry friends every day, not to mention it was flexible so I could stay home with my daughter. I am a cat lady at heart and unabashedly so!

My family moved back to Dallas in 2012, which wasn’t as easy a transition as I expected. The stress I was experiencing affected my energy levels and health. At 40 pounds overweight, I initially turned to Jenny Craig for help and began running (which I hated, then learned to love). I fell into Beachbody coaching at this point in early 2013, which helped me lose the remaining 20 pounds and allowed me the ability to help others get healthy. I loved being a coach because I wanted to pay it forward and give other women the courage to put themselves first. I built a substantial living for myself as a fitness coach, connecting with hundreds of people all over the country. But after a running injury led me to needing knee surgery in November 2016, I went through a lot emotionally. I felt like a fraud as a fitness coach since I was unable to do any of the workouts that my clients were doing. I was lost. I inevitably hid from social media from that point on.

In January of 2017, I was approached by a friend to start a business centered around positive coaching in soccer using futsal training principles. Futsoul was born a year later, but I had fallen into another line of work I loved as well – retail management. April 2019 is my two year “luluversary,” and I’m celebrating working at ivivva by lululemon and making an impact in the Dallas community among active girls. I’m currently an Assistant Store Manager for one of the 4 brick-and-mortar ivivva stores in the U.S., as well as the Community Lead. I’m in charge of creating a vibrant and energetic space for girls to feel empowered to be themselves in; we host events centered around health, movement, nutrition, & fun! My daughter is now 11 and active in running and lacrosse. It is truly a blessing to be able to combine my background and talent as an athlete with my ability to connect with girls in our community and show them what is possible when they go after what they want.

Over the past few years, I’ve thought on and off about writing a book. I’ve tried multiple times to start writing more often but failed; so deep down I told myself I couldn’t do it. But if not for all the girls I coach on the soccer field or encourage in my retail store, not to mention my own daughter, I want to write for me. I want to show others what can happen when you don’t give up.

So that’s why I’m here. In a nutshell.

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