Just Freaking Do It

"I'll start next month." "I can't find time." "I don't want to fail." How many of you have said one or more of these things to yourselves when faced with getting started on the right track with your health and fitness? I hear it all the time and I totally get it because I once said …

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“Because of you, I didn’t give up”

One of the best things about working from home as a fitness coach is being able to help so many people across the country and in Canada. I'm more than a personal trainer - I'm your accountability piece. If you aren't checking in with my groups, then I'm gonna be checking in on you and …

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Get Ready To Face the Halloween Hangover!

Well this morning changed a few things for me when I stepped out of bed and onto my right foot in major PAIN. Hours later and with the help of my Facebook friends and their "diagnosis," I am quite possibly dealing with Plantar Faschitis which is something I've never dealt with before and I'm not …

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