I prefer the term “Neapolitan”

I've had people ask me how I am a Beachbody Coach when I do Cross Fit workouts. My answer is quite simple: because I am. I mean, why not? Why do the two have to be separate? Why should I only be allowed to do one or the other? That's like telling me I can either choose chocolate …

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Fired Up About Fitness

When people meet me today, they assume that I've loved fitness my whole life and/or have always been fit. The truth is (and many of my friends and former soccer coaches can attest to this fact) that I used to HATE to workout. To run. To push myself. Period. I didn't like pain. I still …

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Attitude 101

I propose that the #1 misconception about attitude is that it's out of our control. How many people do you know who have a bad attitude, yet deny it until they're blue in the face? You've run into a bad attitude before. You can smell it a mile away on someone. The look on their face, …

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