You matter

While the exact words from the conversation are blurry, the feelings stemming from that day in my parents' living room are crystal clear. My family was gathered together for a fun afternoon to be followed by dinner. We were catching up on what had been going on that week. I know I had a glass …

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Our own mortality

I've often thought about why Meg's story has touched so many people. Was it the fact that she was a mom of 3 young children? Was it because she was a woman of faith? Was it the fact that she died doing what she loved? I very much believe that for each of us it's different. …

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I prefer the term “Neapolitan”

I've had people ask me how I am a Beachbody Coach when I do Cross Fit workouts. My answer is quite simple: because I am. I mean, why not? Why do the two have to be separate? Why should I only be allowed to do one or the other? That's like telling me I can either choose chocolate …

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