Family Fitness

Jim and I firmly believe in raising Peyton to try all sorts of activities. Not just soccer. Not just golf. But all of it. Running, lacrosse, football, gymnastics, dance, bicycling, hiking. You name it, we’ll let her try it as long as it’s ACTIVE. Yes, she watches TV and plays on her iPad, but it’s always been limited, and quite frankly she would much rather choose to be running around outside anyway! We’ll share here different ways we like to be active as a family and hopefully give you some ideas as well!



Something we have been doing lately is riding our bikes. Usually we’ll do a few “laps” around our block here and there, but on weekends, we have headed out to White Rock Lake (a 10 mile loop) and ridden on the paved trail. Today we rode for 35 minutes, Peyton’s longest ride yet. She gets tired and says her butt hurts!! Cycling is a wonderful way for your family to all do something together – even the babies and toddlers can join you with attachments for your bike. It’s great exercise and something you’ll always be able to do together as your children grow up (okay, maybe until their teenagers, I’m not sure).


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