30 Day Group

Our 30 day challenges are perfect for starting a program!! You’ll get all the support you need as you start navigating your focus on hitting your fitness goals.

How it works: fill out a challenge group application HERE. Then I’ll contact you to discuss your health and fitness goals. We’ll find a program that’s right for you based on your needs! All my groups are run on Facebook at this time (in the months to come there will be an app available), so we will have to be friends on Facebook to work together. I’ll add you to our private group on Facebook after you’ve gotten your program and it’s really THAT simple.

You’ll be encouraged by myself and other coaches on my team to post in the group every day, participate in the fun contests we do (like plank in funny places, gallon water jug decorating), and get to know others to support them as well. It’s a very positive environment and very motivating!

Here are some of my challengers results!

11058371_10100139424813509_7624797983248171223_n IMG_4736

Upcoming 30-day challenge groups:

Healthy Heart Challenge – February 15, 2016


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