Meg’s Story

I can still vividly remember the thoughts that went through my head when I read about Meg’s death on Facebook on January 13, 2014. “A man killed my friend today” was the beginning of a status update where I initially shared my feelings about the tragedy (you can read the post in its entirety here). It’s almost downright crazy to think that it hasn’t even been 2 years since she was killed, and my life is radically different since that day in January.

As I sat on the plane headed back home today from my second Richmond Half Marathon weekend with our Meg’s Miles family, I felt a sense of purpose. I felt a lot of gratitude and thanks. I felt love and joy. I felt overwhelming sadness and sorrow. I struggled with exactly what was going on in my head and in my heart. Putting it all into words is still something I struggle with. It’s quite possible that I will never be able to fully express myself when it comes to describing Meg’s story.

Here’s the thing, though. I shouldn’t have to be writing this. I shouldn’t have to be refreshing my Facebook feed searching for new pictures and stories from this past weekend. I shouldn’t have to be texting people telling them how much I miss them already. I shouldn’t have to be longing to be back in Richmond with these people who, quite honestly, I may NEVER have known if Meg hadn’t died. How’s that for a gut wrenching blow to the heart and soul?

None of this should be happening! Meg should be here right now, in this very moment, with Scott and her 3 children, her parents, her two brothers, and the rest of her family. Today, she should have been enjoying the day after another hometown marathon race, watching football and playing with her kids on Sunday Funday. She should have gone to church this morning and been with her Savior. She should be here on this earth. Period.

But she’s not.

I know there is nothing we can do to bring Meg back. I truly believe we would all give up our friendships with each other if that meant Meg could come back to walk the earth. I realize God is at work here. I know He has plans for all of us who have been inspired by Meg’s story. I’m not sure how exactly, but I do know it has something to do with that little five letter word called FAITH.

prayers for Meg

It’s what has made a huge difference in my life since January 2014. I’m not talking particularly about faith in God, although I do believe in Him. I’m talking about giving up control to something bigger than yourself. I’m talking about chasing your dreams. I’m talking about trusting the process. I’m talking about following that feeling inside you that says “just do it.”

What has come out of an incredibly tragic story is indeed, inspiring. Those of us who are a part of Meg’s Miles Supporters understand how this is possible. We may not be able to explain it…but we’ve certainly witnessed it. Lived it. Breathed it.

So if you’re struggling with something in your life – whether it’s addiction, disease, heartbreak, bankruptcy or anything else – there is one thing that Meg’s story will do for you. And that is to restore your faith in the human spirit.

Believe. Have faith. There is a purpose. YOU have a purpose.